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The Perfect High Back Office Chair

The Perfect High Back Office Chair Finding the right office chair was a journey that ended successfully, but I’m going to have a rant today! Like many of us nowadays, I can spend long periods of time at my desk, a 4 hour spell not uncommon. The Mission - High Back...

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Mobile Working Technology

Mobile Working Technology – Under test with a broken arm I’ve been putting our mobile working technology to the test, with the objective of only using Office 365 products, as I’ve been housebound since Monday 23rd January. This unexpected test of all the tools we have...

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Whaling Attack Scam Avoidance

Whaling Attack Scam Avoidance I recently wrote about ransomware and the steps worth taking to protect your data, I omitted a very important one, whaling attacks…they are on the increase too. A whaling attack is a more targeted attack, the fraudsters will most likely...

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File Backup – 5 Tips

Sometimes when we speak to businesses about what file backup processes they have, we hear everything is all in hand…great to hear. Don’t forget…it is more than your word documents that need backing up! Nearly 40% of the new customer audits we’ve carried out in the...

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We’re now seeing Ransomware get more sophisticated with latest versions being able to infect computers without a user even clicking anything. Our Anti-Virus Protection Advice: During 2016 we saw an increase of reported attacks in the media and attempted attacks within...

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Why Have a Hybrid Cloud IT Infrastructure?

Why Have a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure? The main feature is having your own on-site server and a private cloud copy, rather than a cloud application, normally hosted by a software provider, pushed through the public internet. The main questions you should ask yourself...

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4G to 5G

5G In Testing AT&T recently announced it is testing a 5G Network in Texas. AT&T, in conjunction with Ericsson, also plans a public 5G test. Apparently, using millimeter wave (mmWave), which may increase the speeds to 14Gbps for 4K video. In comparison to 4G...

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The Forgotten Middle – Needs better IT Advice

The Forgotten Middle - Needs better IT Advice It is odd that in these uncertain political and economic times, a big chunk of society has spoken out twice and voted against the flow of popular thought. Wishing to be heard and wanting change to come about, so their...

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Dual Monitor, Dual Screen – worth the £?

Dual Monitor, Dual Screen Set up – Insight…is it worth the £ investment? We regularly get asked if there is a business case for a Dual Screen / Dual Monitor set up, in short there is, by 20% to 30% according to the Jon Peddie research survey. Let’s look at some other...

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Managed IT Services – London Office

Managed IT Services for local personal Service in London Our new office in York Street London is now open! We are continuing our commitment to 'deliver personal managed IT services locally' with our IT Support centres in each of our geographic service areas. The...

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