Why Have a Hybrid Cloud IT Infrastructure?

Why Have a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure? The main feature is having your own on-site server and a private cloud copy, rather than a cloud application, normally hosted by a software provider, pushed through the public internet. The main questions you should ask yourself...

Dual Monitor, Dual Screen – worth the £?

Dual Monitor, Dual Screen Set up – Insight…is it worth the £ investment? We regularly get asked if there is a business case for a Dual Screen / Dual Monitor set up, in short there is, by 20% to 30% according to the Jon Peddie research survey. Let’s look at some other...

Office 365 Price increase 2017

Office 365 Price Increase Office 365 Price Increase Microsoft announced it will be increasing UK from January 2017 by 22%, a large percentage stated to include the sterling to dollar change. The increase affects a range of Microsoft products, including, Office 365...

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