Office Ethernet Installations

Office Ethernet Installations Office Ethernet Installations What you may find interesting is a new trend for devices to be connected to the Ethernet in the workplace, more and more businesses are choosing to provide this for their company iPhones and smartphones. Is...

Mobile Working Technology

Mobile Working Technology – Under test with a broken arm I’ve been putting our mobile working technology to the test, with the objective of only using Office 365 products, as I’ve been housebound since Monday 23rd January. This unexpected test of all the tools we have...

Whaling Attack Scam Avoidance

Whaling Attack Scam Avoidance I recently wrote about ransomware and the steps worth taking to protect your data, I omitted a very important one, whaling attacks…they are on the increase too. A whaling attack is a more targeted attack, the fraudsters will most likely...

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