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Dual Monitor, Dual Screen – worth the £?

Dual Monitor, Dual Screen Set up – Insight…is it worth the £ investment? We regularly get asked if there is a business case for a Dual Screen / Dual Monitor set up, in short there is, by 20% to 30% according to the Jon Peddie research survey. Let’s look at some other...

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Managed IT Services – London Office

Managed IT Services for local personal Service in London Our new office in York Street London is now open! We are continuing our commitment to 'deliver personal managed IT services locally' with our IT Support centres in each of our geographic service areas. The...

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Business IT Support – Insight about Office365

Business IT Support -Office 365 insight Many of us have made the switch to Windows 10, often just by upgrading to a newer laptop or desktop with the latest software versions pre-installed. Windows 10 typically comes bundled, with a 1-year subscription to Office 365,...

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Disaster Recovery Consultants

Disaster Recovery Consultants Insight Almost all businesses rely on their IT infrastructure, to the extent that if it is down, they cannot operate. If they can’t operate this will be detrimental to the bottom line and can be devastating to their reputation. However...

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Office 365 Price increase 2017

Office 365 Price Increase Microsoft announced it will be increasing UK from January 2017 by 22%, a large percentage stated to include the sterling to dollar change. The increase affects a range of Microsoft products, including, Office 365 [encompassing Outlook, Word,...

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